by Eric Wilking

The first “Driven Image” Carriage Driving Conference and Trade Show was held on March 19 & 20, 2016 in Amherst, MA on the grounds of Hampshire College, just down the road from UMASS Amherst.

Lisa Cenis of “Shoot that Horse” photography did a great job organizing this event. It allowed carriage drivers, carriage sales and service dealers, clubs and organizations, and many notable names in carriage driving throughout New England to network, share ideas, and learn from one another.

CarriageShowGSCAtableEricWebGSCA table and club banner, Eric W. greets visitor

Leslie Baxter and Connie Moses did a great job setting up our Granite State Carriage booth on Saturday, with pictures and handouts, complete with our new club banner.  Connie brought a lap top and monitor and was able to show the journey up Mt. Washington she and Rick made with their pair.  This was a big draw and many swung by our table to watch.  It was great to see club member Barbara Frake there showing and selling her beautiful illustrations and artwork.

On Sunday, Connie was joined by Eric Wilking at the booth.  By all accounts, Sunday was not quite as busy as Saturday, but a steady stream of patrons passed through the exhibit area and stopped and talked at our booth.  By the end of the weekend, many potential new members had club information, our 2016 calendar of rides and drives, and brochures in hand.  Two new members joined during the show.
Linda Wilking was asked to present at the show and on Sunday afternoon, she spoke for about an hour on how she started driving and how others can have fun driving also.  All topics from pulling a vegetable cart for a business, competing at Combined Driving Events (CDE’s) and Pleasure Shows, as well as the joys of recreational driving were discussed.

Many thanks to all who helped and attended the event, and we hope Lisa Cenis holds it again next year!

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