by Cindy Schlener

This is my 3rd full year as a GSCA member. I'm a trail rider who was initially concerned about joining a driving club, however that has not been a problem at all :). All you need is a love for horses and to enjoy talking about them.

Probably the best thing that I did was to go camping with GSCA. You get to visit areas that you can't normally do with just a day trip. You get to know people better as you talk over the places you rode/drove that day. I've met people that I continue to see outside of the GSCA arena.

Hope to see lots of folks this year at our different day and weekend drives/rides!



Horse Club members GSCACindy (RT.) and other GSCA members at Myles Standish State Park

CindySchlenerMugCindy at GSCA's Chocorua NH Outing, NHEDITOR'S NOTE:  Cindy joined the GSCA Board in March 2016 as a Director. She is welcomed into the management of the club!