When thinking about electric fencing for your animals, you may think of a large unit set up in the main barn. This energizer needs to be

plugged in at all times, or the fence loses power and animals may run through or learn to not respect the fencing. Because of this some feel that an electric fencing system is not portable, environmentally friendly, or low-maintenance.

Despite common initial thoughts, solar powered electric fencing has come a long way and has many benefits:

    • Saves money
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Portable
    • Will work during power outages
    • Excellent backup system

Using a solar powered electric fence either as a primary or a backup system helps you save money. After all, the sun does not charge you anything to use its energy. These systems harness this energy and store it in a large battery. This battery is what powers the electric fence and, depending on the model, can power your fence for hours, days, even weeks on a single charge. There are even options for areas where there is not a lot of sunlight. In these areas, and if you are using this as a stand-alone or primary system, a longer-lasting model is often a better option. Some models can be charged when they are plugged in, however, in most cases this is unnecessary.

 HorsesFenceBackyard2213Electric tape pasture fencing for horsesENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY
As you are not using fossil fuels or energy obtained by these means, these solar powered fencing options are an excellent idea. They also reduce the need for solid fencing materials such as wood and metal that, when fencing is changed, end up in burn piles and landfills.

As these units are self-contained, there is often little maintenance required, and they can be taken anywhere with you. This is what makes them ideal for those who are traveling with their horses, sheep, or other livestock as you can erect temporary fences when you stop at your destination, or even along the way. This allows horses to not only stretch their legs, but also can permit them to graze while safely contained.

Many equestrians are finding the benefit of this with horse shows as stabling can be limited yet pasture space near trailer parking is often readily available. This means that the horses do not need to be placed in an unfamiliar stall, nor do they have to be left in the trailer overnight for weekend events.

These systems are also useful when you are rotating areas within your fields. It allows you to move your animals to areas where your animals have not overgrazed while other parts of the fields have time to rest and regrow. Solar power allows you to be less dependent on the power grid.

Unlike traditional electric fencing, solar-powered systems are rarely, if ever, affected by power outages as they are not plugged into the main power systems. This enables them to be effective at containing your animals even during the worst weather, allowing you to sleep soundly knowing that your animals are safely contained in their paddocks.
Solar Fence EnergizerSolar Fence EnergizerEXCELLENT BACKUP SYSTEM
For the same reasons that these systems are safe from power outages, they also make wonderful backup systems. Having a solar powered unit either attached to your regular system or in a position that you can quickly connect it, will give you an alternative power source during power outages or a malfunctioning primary system. This helps to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of your electric fencing system regardless of the challenges that arise.

Modern solar powered fence manufacturers have managed to make sleek, compact, and almost maintenance free units. Whether using them as a stand-alone system or a backup unit, these systems have earned a solid place in the electric fencing market.  For example, see the Gallagher S22 Solar Fence Charger ( http://www.gallagherfence.net/products/gallagher-s22-solar-fence-charger )