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from Associations for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices

Jaime Jackson, well known for natural hoof care and the concept of "Paddock Paradise," reviews commonly-held beliefs and practices that should be questioned.

http://www.aanhcp.net/blogs/main/12203217-perception-vs-reality-equine-myths-and-mistakes  Feb. 9, 2014

LushHorsePasturePerception: What we think is 'natural' for horses!
Photo © Jill Willis


Reality: A wild horse grazing in a genuine 'natural pasture' in Nevada.
Photo © Phillip Adams

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  • Guest - Edith

    Equine is so amazing. I'm not sure how many of you have rode a horse through grass early in the morning, but there isn't a feeling like it. I have been around horses my entire life. They are so large, but so calm and love their owners at the same time. *******oestrailriding.com/

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