• GSCA-Hosted Recreational Activities are for GSCA Members dues-paid for the current calendar year, bring your own horse! GSCA membership dues/renewals are payable in January. In some cases you can join GSCA at the Check-in UNLESS PRE-Registration is required. OR just come to visit, observe and meet other horse lovers! Become a member, renew now, or support our efforts at right...
  •  ** PLEASE NOTIFY HOST(s) whenever you are planning to attend or cancelling so you can be notified of any changes or cancellations
  • All Outing UPDATES are posted to GSCA Facebook group under "Events."  Facebook Group followers receive Event invitations and updates on Facebook. (Note that "joining" the Facebook group does NOT make you a GSCA Club member.)
  • Also see GSCA's  CONSOLIDATED Carriage Driving Calendars Northeasta consolidated schedule of carriage events. Request to be included in these calendars via
  • Find specific Outing Details here, including Flyers/signups as they become available, also Outing Fact Sheets (in News & Resources/LIBRARY.)
  • Please download GSCA Safety Tips.pdf  for Drivers.

(open to current GSCA members)

Printable 2018 GSCA HOSTED Schedule [.pdf file]


2019 Dates
Recreational Horse Outing
(Drive or Ride)
February 9 (Sat)  NEW!

Sleigh "Games" Day - more information to follow

February 17 (Sun)
(Snow date February 24)
Sleigh Day/Rally!  (Day Outing) 


Lebanon, NH


March 24 (Sun) 
The Red Blazer Restaurant and Pub     


Concord, NH


June 1 (Sat)  NEW!
Profile Falls (Day Outing) - more information to follow Hill, NH
July 6 (Sat) (TO BE CONFIRMED)  NEW!
Loudon (Day Outing) - more information to follow  Loudon, NH
July 18-21 
(Multi-Day Camping Outing)**
Chocorura, NH
August 11 (Sun)
Andover, NH
August 25 (Sun) (TO  BE CONFIRMED)
Sanbornton, NH        
September 12-18
(Multi-Day Camping Outing)**
Shelburne, VT  
October 13 (Sun)
Auburn, NH
October 20  (Sun)  
Milton Mills, NH
November 17 (Sun)
GSCA Planning Meeting- all members & hosts invited.
Set Outing dates & planning for 2020.     
For more information - contact .
Temple, NH
PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED  means that new and re-newing memberships must be paid via PayPal or received by the Treasurer in advance. Also, completed Liability Forms with copies of any other required forms must be supplied to the Hosts a week in advance of the Outing date (via Email or postal mail.)

For multi-day outings, you can attend part of the time or all scheduled dates.
PLEASE NOTE that GSCA's insurance carrier requires participants to be current members in order to drive, ride, or handle a horse at any GSCA Outing. Non-riding/non-driving guests are welcome to accompany members, Liability releases are required for all.

FILL OUT RELEASE FORMS and MEMBERSHIP FORMS in advance, as required for Outings and PRE-REGISTRATIONS:

Downloadable Forms -

GSCA Membership/Renewal Application

GSCA Liability Release Form-- Adults

GSCA MINORS Liability Release Form    




Printable 2018 FRIENDS & PARTNERS Events Schedule [.pdf file]


2019 Dates
May 19 (Sun)
Educational ADT Arena Driving Trial (Carriages) (Day Event)
(NON-GSCA: Hosted by members)
To attend contact: Eric & Linda Wilking: 
Brentwood, NH
June 14-16 (Fri-Sun)
(Informal GSCA Meet-up, Riders & Drivers) 
(Multi-Day Camping Outing)*
To attend contact: Eric & Linda Wilking: 
Reservations can be made at: Reserve America
Carver, MA
June 17-24 (TO BE CONFIRMED)
(Informal GSCA Meet-up, Riders & Drivers) 
(Multi-Day Camping Outing)*
To attend contact: Cindy Pirkey:


Reservations can be made at: Wildwood Stables 

Acadia NP, ME
September 8 (Sun)
Educational ADT Arena Driving Trial (Carriages) (Day Event) 
(NON-GSCA: Hosted by members)
To attend contact: Eric & Linda Wilking: 
Brentwood, NH       
October 6 (Sun)
Educational ADT Arena Driving Trial (Carriages) (Day Event) 
(NON-GSCA: Hosted by members)
To attend contact: Eric & Linda Wilking: 
Brentwood, NH 
           * For most (overnight) outings you can attend part of the time or all scheduled dates
  • There will be no GSCA signups or GSCA Liability forms for these events.
  •  All these activites are held by, and thus insured by, other organizations or facilities separate from GSCA.
  • They WILL require individual sign-ups and registrations with the facility or organization where they are held.
  • Please contact the persons listed for registration information for Acadia, Myles Standish, and the Educational ADTs



Past event pictures


Tower Pond area at Auburn, NH Tower Pond area at Auburn, NH -- Manchester Waterworks Outing (formerly Ellet and Shirley Seavey Memorial Outing)
Horse Club Incoming President Jean H. GSCA incoming president Jean H. at an Annual GSCA Dinner Meeting and FUNd-Raising Auction.
Horse riding at Chocorua Chocorua NH Camping Outing -- loved by riders and drivers alike!