GSCA Outing Hosts

Volunteering their experience and time, the club's Outing Hosts are the spirit and heart of the Granite State Carriage Association. Any member with an idea for a location can propose, organize or assist with an Outing, please join us in our November Planning Meeting when we schedule for the coming year. All GSCA Outings welcome horseback riders as well as carriage drivers (as permitted by the venue.)

See current GSCA Calendar of Activities for this year's Drive/Ride Outings, Meetings, and other activities. 

MEET HOSTS for these GSCA Outings:

Allenstown NH Bear Brook State Park hosted by Avis Rosenfield
Andover NH  Rail Trail  
Auburn NH  Seavey Memorial/Manchester Water Works Outing
Bristol NH/Profile Falls  cohosts Leslie Baxter and Sandy Sims  
Chocorua NH  Look to the Mountain  hosted by Leah Valladares
Lebanon NH   Sleigh Days hosted by Carolyn Townsend
Loudon NH   Loudon Roads and Woodland Trails  
Milton Mills NH  Branch Hill Farm
Randoph NH  cohosts Michael Prange and Deb & Neil Harvey
Shelburne VT  Shelburne Farms Mid-week Drive
Sanbornton NH   Pemi River Trail
Temple NH Stepping Stone Event Center

MEET Advisors for these GSCA Meet-ups: 

Carver/Plymouth MA Myles Standish State Forest Drive/Ride Meetup


Former Hosts and Officers  



 Cindy Schlener hosts the 
Myles Standish State Forest Camping Outing in Carver, MA

CindyandApollo smaller

I discovered GSCA when riding at the Kokals on Labor Day weekend 4 years ago. I've met so many good folks while horse camping with GSCA and its given me the opportunity to explore new areas. I'm hoping I can discover more areas for GSCA to hold camping events along with new trails for riders and drivers.

CONTACT Cindy Schlener      cindy.schlener [at]

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 Leslie Baxter hosts the MWW Maze Sleigh Outing, also Profile Falls Day Outing in Bristol, NH    

I live in Manchester NH and have a small herd of Morgan mares.  A 28 year old mare Tiffany and her two lovely daughters  Most people may know Miss Who aka Holly Golightly from our many trail drives .  I also drive her sister Kate as well. I love to encourage folks to try Carriage driving and will promote safety and fun where ever the road takes me.

CONTACT Leslie Baxter     lakevue100 [at]

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 Sandy Sims hosts the Scenic Loudon Roads
and Woodland Trails Outing

Sandy Sims and Milo

My husband Dennis and I live in Loudon, NH and have a small farm on 6 acres. I am an UNH graduate in Animal Science and have a Diploma in Nursing from Concord Hospital where I worked for 35 years in Critical Care. I have been “horse crazy” my whole life but was only able to get my first horse as an adult, a wonderful 3 year old standardbred OTT mare. She taught me to drive and I taught her to ride! She became an excellent trail horse and XC jumper. We did everything together and she lived to be just shy of 34 years. A second horse, an 11 month filly joined my family and became an everything horse also:  trails, hunter jumper, eventing, dressage and driving. She will be 28 in June. I bought a 4 year old Dutch Harness horse in June 2016 who I ride and drive.

I have been active in many sports throughout my life and enjoy an active outdoor life style. I am on the Loudon Conservation Commission which actively seeks to preserve open land and forests and a new member of The Abbott Downing Historical Society. I volunteer at The Live And Let Live Farm animal rescue in Chichester, NH. Our home is in the country surrounded by miles of dirt woods roads that are great to explore via horseback or carriage so we are truly enjoying our retirement years. With one year’s membership in GSCA we have met many great people who share our interests and look forward to more friendships in the coming years.


CONTACT Sandy Sims     angelmeadowsfarm [at]

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Jean Harvey hosts the Shelburne Farms/Meach Cove, VT Drive 

Jean Harvey currently lives in and operates a horse farm in Enfield, NH. Horses have been a large part of her life since her early teens. Now as a young senior, carriage driving is her passion both for pleasure and competing.

Presently Jean is an active member of GMHA, CAA, ADS, GSCA, and PATH Intl. As an instructor, she enjoys teaching and promoting the sport of carriage driving.

CONTACT JEAN    jeanharvey [at]

Jean Harvey's driving pony Pixie, pony cart

Jean and her driving pony, Pixie


 2016 Pres. Jean

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 Laurie Graham hosted the Pemigewasset River Outing in Sanbornton, NH    

Having had to wait until I was an adult to bring horses back into my life, I missed out on the years of fairs, events, competitions and ribbons, but that doesn’t at all dampen my enthusiasm for everything horse. My three horses are home with me in Sanbornton, where we have hundreds of acres of wooded trails to explore right off the property. It is my pleasure to share this special location with the Sanbornton Pemigewasset Ride and Drive since 2016..

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 Faith and Don Clendenen host Andover, NH/Potter Place Rail Trail Outing

Don and Faith Clendenen moved to New Hampshire from California in 2007.  In 2011, Faith decided to do something she had always wanted to do and bought a horse.  Don was intrigued and came to enjoy the horse but did not want to ride so they decided to find a driving horse.  By some kind of divine Providence, they ended up with a pair of grays who are often a dirty brown whenever they are covered in mud (which is as often as they can manage it.)

They live in East Andover, only a few miles from Potter Place where the Andover drive is based.  They have a very small farm with three dogs, nine chickens and the two horses, a Missouri Fox Trotter mare for Faith to ride and a retired Standardbred gelding for Don to drive.  They are both happily retired so they can devote time to their hobbies.


CONTACT Faith or Don Clendenen     fclen [at]

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Michael Prange co-hosted the Presidential Rail Trail Outing
in Randolph, NH

Michael was introduced to trail riding in 1987 when he started dating Anne, now his wife of 33 years. Riding turned into a full-time passion in 2017 when they retired and moved to Shelburne, NH, into Anne’s childhood home. The land was soon prepared for horses once again, with fencing and a new barn. Then Michael acquired a horse of his own, a Rocky Mountain named Dancer. His activities include Endurance and participating as a member of the Maine Mounted Search & Rescue Team, both starting in 2020. You’ll frequently find him on the trails of the White Mountains training for the next endurance event. Michael also enjoys horse camping, which he was introduced to on the 2019 GSCA Chocorua ride. Look for him on GSCA overnight trips.

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Avis Rosenfield, Secretary, host of Bear Brook State Park, cohost of Seavey Memorial/Manchester Waterworks

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Isabella "Boo" Martin, past Director, Hosted the Stepping Stone Event Center and Touchstone Farm OutingsGSCA Director Boo M.

Founder and past Executive Director of Touchstone Farm. A life long horsewoman, Boo has shown, trained, evented, driven and taught riding and driving lessons for the last 40 years. She has also actively fox hunted and done Pony Club. She has spoken at numerous regional and national conferences. She graduated as a teacher for grades K-12 from UVM and Fordham University. She then went on to found Pony Farm, a girls’ summer residential riding camp, fully accredited by the American Camping Association. She was involved as both the President and Executive Director of the NH Camp Directors’ Association, serving on the NE/ACA board as well.

She then founded the lesson program at the farm and became involved with the American Riding Instructor Association, receiving her instructor certification from ARIA. She was awarded the Riding Instructor of the Year in 1997. Attended Antioch Graduate School in the Organization and Management Degree Program, and started Horse Power and the Horse Power Instructor Training School with her colleagues and professors, as well as became involved in the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (now PATH Intl.) when she founded Horse Power in 1989. She went on to co-found the Equine Facilitated Mental Health Association, as well as serve on numerous NARHA committees. She has received the Presidents’ Award, the Founders’ Award and the James Brady Lifetime Achievement Award with PATH, Intl., as well as the NH Horse Person of the Year. In 2013, she received the Sis Gould Therapeutic Driving Award from PATH Intl.

Boo has now started a new chapter with Stepping Stone Event Center.

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